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Twerk Race 3D

Nothing is more fun than twerking... Except a runner game with twerking! Here is Twerk Race 3D, one of the most thrilling racing games out there, which offers you a fun race in which your goal is to develop your body to become a twerking legend! Fight for the title of best twerk dancer in history in this super exciting runner game. A CRAZY RACE On your marks. Loans. Go! The fun race has begun! Make your way through a course filled with obstacles and collect food to develop your body. Collect healthy food to slim your body. Or pick up some junk food and it will grow right before your eyes. Your goal is to finish the race with the biggest body in the world. But be careful: to get to the end, it won't be enough for you to pick up hamburgers, because you will also need a little strategy! The race is full of insane obstacles: fragile glass platforms, barriers with holes of different sizes, slides, etc. Sometimes your weakness may lie in your big body. Learn when to burn calories and go from fat to muscle. Prove that your brain is as big as your body! EPIC TWERK BATTLE But there's more than a fun race to this runner game: a twerk battle will be waiting for you when you cross the finish line. Each level culminates in a grand finale, a thrilling body battle that will test your body power as much as your twerking skills. Save your strength for the most powerful blow, and face your opponent in the ring. Only the most powerful and the biggest bodies will have a chance to win this duel! Ready to take the challenge ? You have nothing to lose…except maybe a few pounds. Join a fun race, collect different foods, overcome all obstacles and get ready for the final fight. MAIN CHARACTERISTICS ● A one-of-a-kind racing game! A race followed by a twerking battle. Don't doubt it: this game is unlike any other racing game you've played. ● Exciting body shock! Develop your body to the maximum to crush your opponent. ● A real tension! A fast and fun race with an endless variety of obstacles through which you must fight your way. ● A fun new race, and a beautiful new look There are many opportunities to beautify your character. Choose the perfect outfit to highlight your body! No other racing games are so fun! Join one of the best racing games, which will dispel your boredom and keep you dancing all day!

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